Jamil Damji Net Worth: Unveiling the Success Story!

Discover the remarkable journey of Jamil Damji, a seasoned real estate investor and the brains behind AstroFlipping. 

Uncover his net worth, the KeyGlee process, and insights into the revolutionary AstroFlipping program.

Jamil Damji Net Worth

 Unveiling the Success Story: Jamil Damji's Journey in Real Estate, AstroFlipping, and KeyGlee

Meet Jamil Damji, a trailblazer in the real estate investing industry with nearly two decades of experience. 

Founder of KeyGlee and the visionary behind AstroFlipping, Jamil is not just a businessman; he's a mentor who has guided over 3,000 budding entrepreneurs in launching their real estate careers.

Jamil Damji KeyGlee Experience

The KeyGlee Experience

In 2016, Jamil Damji co-founded KeyGlee, a real estate technology company that has redefined how investors operate. 

With a team of industry experts, including Rahima Blaza, Josiah Grimes, and Hunter Runyon, KeyGlee provides a diverse range of off-market properties, empowering investors to diversify their portfolios.

KeyGlee's Four-Step Process:

  1. Finding Off-Market Properties: Explore KeyGlee's extensive inventory and secure deals on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  2. Escrow: Act swiftly by signing contracts and opening an escrow account to facilitate a seamless transaction.

  3. Closing with the Title Company: Coordinate with the title company to finalize the deal and close the sale.

  4. KeyGlee Closing the Sale: Let KeyGlee handle the final touches, from acquiring keys to gathering essential information about tenants.

KeyGlee doesn't stop at property transactions; their blog offers industry updates and valuable tips for aspiring real estate investors.

Jamil Damji AstroFlipping Revolution

Jamil Damji's AstroFlipping Revolution

AstroFlipping, initiated by Jamil Damji, introduces a systematic approach to acquiring properties. The program's nine-step process, detailed on their website, emphasizes marketing, mindset, automation, and result measurement.

Unlike traditional wholesale deals, AstroFlipping focuses on co-wholesaling or JV, where you market other wholesaler's deals. 

This innovative method, coupled with insights from A&E's Triple Digit Flip, has garnered attention in the real estate community, expanding deal flow and profits for participants.

Jamil Damji Unveiling Net Worth

Unveiling Jamil Damji's Net Worth

Though Jamil Damji's net worth isn't public knowledge, it's evident that his success is multifaceted. KeyGlee, with its 100 employees and 60 monthly deals, stands as a significant contributor. 

The franchise model, akin to Starbucks and McDonald's, has propelled Damji into entrepreneurial pioneering.

In 2022, Jamil closed over $30 million in real estate transactions, further complicating the net worth estimate. 

His YouTube channel, boasting 30,000 subscribers as of February 2023, adds another layer to his revenue stream, with monthly earnings likely surpassing $100,000.

Factoring in brand partnerships, TV deals, AstroFlipping, and KeyGlee, an estimated net worth of $5 million emerges. This underlines Damji's diverse income sources and entrepreneurial acumen.

Jamil Damji Family and Beyond

Family and Beyond

Beyond the business realm, Jamil Damji is a family man. Married to Natalie Gallant, they share the joy of parenting two daughters, Tayla and Karisma. His fluency in English and Kutchi showcases a multicultural facet.

Jamil Damji FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What sets AstroFlipping apart from traditional wholesale deals? A: AstroFlipping distinguishes itself by focusing on co-wholesaling or JV, where participants market other wholesaler's deals. This innovative approach enhances deal flow and profits, setting it apart from traditional methods.

Q2: How quickly can I expect to close a deal using the KeyGlee process? A: The KeyGlee process operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. Acting swiftly is crucial. Once a potential property is identified, signing the contract within two hours of receiving the DocuSign email is recommended to secure the deal promptly.

Q3: Can KeyGlee assist with finding off-market properties in specific areas? A: Absolutely. KeyGlee's extensive inventory includes off-market properties across various locations. Investors can choose from a diverse range of options, and upon identifying a potential property, providing your business name and email initiates the process.

Q4: How does Jamil Damji balance his roles in KeyGlee, AstroFlipping, and his YouTube channel? A: Jamil Damji is known for his strategic approach to time management. While KeyGlee and AstroFlipping have dedicated teams, his YouTube channel serves as a platform to share insights, making it a seamless part of his routine. His commitment to each venture contributes to his overall success.

Q5: What makes KeyGlee's buyer's list beneficial for investors? A: KeyGlee's buyer's list is a valuable tool that immediately notifies members of new off-market properties in their local area. This feature allows investors to stay ahead of the competition, ensuring they have access to the latest deals as soon as they become available.

Q6: How does Jamil Damji monetize his YouTube channel with 30,000 subscribers? A: Jamil Damji monetizes his YouTube channel through ads and brand partnerships. With 30,000 subscribers as of February 2023, the estimated monthly earnings exceed $100,000. His engaging content and strategic partnerships contribute to the channel's financial success.

Q7: Is KeyGlee only suitable for experienced investors, or can beginners benefit as well? A: KeyGlee caters to investors of all experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned investor looking to diversify your portfolio or a beginner seeking guidance, KeyGlee's user-friendly approach and extensive resources make it a valuable platform for everyone in the real estate investment spectrum.

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Jamil Damji


Jamil Damji's journey from real estate investor to mentor and entrepreneur is marked by innovation and success. 

With KeyGlee changing the game in real estate technology and AstroFlipping reshaping deal-closing strategies, Damji continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry. 

Whether it's his net worth, family life, or groundbreaking programs, Jamil Damji remains an inspiring figure in the world of real estate. 

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