Puddin's Fab Shop Jacob Warner Net Worth: A Journey of YouTube Mechanic!

Learn about the incredible rags-to-riches journey of YouTube mechanic Jacob Warner, better known online as Puddin’s Fab Shop.

Follow how his customized auto repair shop, creative videos, and social media fame led to a net worth between $300K-$1M. Get Jacob's bio, career, personal details, and more.

Puddin's Fab Shop Jacob Warner Net Worth

The Incredible Journey of YouTube Mechanic Jacob Warner

Jacob Warner, better known by his YouTube name Puddin’s Fab Shop, has become an inspiration for many with his rags-to-riches journey as a mechanic and content creator. 

This talented technician has built his online fame through years of hard work and creative video projects.

Who is Jacob Warner?

Hailing from the United States, Jacob Warner is now estimated to be between 35-45 years old. 

He embraces his diverse American-Latino background but prefers simply being labelled as a man with an anonymous identity. 

Jacob has come a long way from humble beginnings to gain global recognition online.

Early Life and Education

Details about Jacob’s family and upbringing remain vague. What is known is that he has two older brothers and a sister whom he remains close with.

Jacob completed his primary and secondary education in his hometown before pursuing higher education. 

He earned degrees across multiple disciplines while working jobs, gaining skills that enabled his future success.

Marriage and Personal Life

With over 8 years of growing online fame, Jacob maintains a private personal life. He remains happily married to his long-term partner who has fully supported his unconventional career.

The two have travelled the world together and look forward to what the future holds. They occasionally offer glimpses into their loving relationship but prefer keeping those details out of the spotlight.

Puddin's Fab Shop Jacob Warner

Net Worth and Income Sources

While Jacob has not publicly disclosed his current net worth, his income stems from several sources. As a professional mechanic, his customized auto-repair shop provides steady business. 

Promotion and ad revenue from his online videos and social media posts also contribute to his earnings.

His financial situation appears comfortable, with estimated total assets between $300K - $1M as of 2023. However, only Jacob can confirm his true net worth.

Social Media Popularity

On Instagram under the handle @puddinsfabshop, Jacob has attracted over 43.8K followers. While his account lacks the coveted verification checkmark, his loyal fanbase continues to show support.

Jacob also runs a YouTube channel under his brand name Puddin’s Fab Shop. Analytics estimate the channel could generate $2.2K - $35.8K yearly based on views and engagement. 

While small compared to top YouTubers, his 231K subscribers enjoy his unique content.

Puddin's Fab Shop Jacob Warner 01

Mechanic Turned Content Creator

After relocating to pursue higher education, Jacob began his professional career immediately after graduation. 

He formed close bonds with his siblings during his early schooling years. And it's no secret he has been happily married for some time.

Jacob works as a mechanic primarily repairing customized Jeeps, vans, and other problematic vehicles. 

Finding joy in the craft, he started filming repair techniques to entertain and engage fans online. Running his auto shop and managing social media channels keeps Jacob extremely busy.

Puddin's Fab Shop was born out of Jacob’s passion for imaginative mechanic work and sharing DIY videos. 

Now with nearly 300 creative uploads and over 230K loyal subscribers, Jacob Warner continues to inspire viewers with his mechanical skills and determined spirit.

Puddin's Fab Shop Jacob Warner 02


Jacob Warner shows no signs of slowing down in his mechanic and content creation career pursuits. 

His unique brand, Puddin’s Fab Shop, provides customized automotive services while entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans across YouTube and Instagram.

While preferring to stay out of the public spotlight, Jacob serves as an inspiration through his determination, creativity and skilled craft.

Both online and in his repair shop, Jacob taps into his passion to produce imaginative projects fans can’t resist. 

As he continues sharing his fab shop journey, there’s no telling what incredible feat this ingenious mechanic may achieve next.

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