Nick Yarris Net Worth: A Journey from Injustice to Redemption!

Explore the captivating life story of Nick Yarris, an American author who endured 22 years on death row. Uncover details about his net worth, legal battles, and post-exoneration endeavours.

Nick Yarris Net Worth

The Life and Trials of Nick Yarris: A Narrative Journey

A Legal Battle for Justice

In 1981, the life of Nicholas James Yarris took a dark turn when he was charged with the abduction, rape, and murder of a woman named Craig, someone he had never met.

At the age of 20, Nick Yarris, grappling with addiction and homelessness, faced serious charges, including the attempted murder of a police officer.

The initial charges were dismissed due to inconsistencies, but a second trial resulted in Nick Yarris being wrongly convicted and sentenced to death in 1982.

22 Years on Death Row

For 22 agonizing years, Nick Yarris endured the harsh reality of life on death row. Despite maintaining his innocence, it wasn't until 2003 that DNA evidence emerged, conclusively proving his innocence.

In 2004, he was finally released, having spent more than two decades paying for a crime he did not commit.

Legal Triumph and Compensation

In the aftermath of his exoneration, Nick Yarris took legal action against the Delaware County District Attorney's Office, suing them for malicious prosecution.

The legal battle culminated in a settlement of $4 million in 2008, marking a significant triumph for Nick Yarris in his pursuit of justice.

A New Chapter in the UK

Following his ordeal, Nick Yarris made a bold move, relocating to the UK in 2005. There, he collaborated with Reprieve, an organization dedicated to human rights, and found solace as he started a family.

In the UK, he married and welcomed a daughter, embracing the chance for a fresh start far away from the shadows of his wrongful conviction.

Nick Yarris A Author and Speaker

Unveiling Nick Yarris: The Author and Speaker

Biography and Personal Life

Born in 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nicholas James Yarris, now 62, has transcended the confines of his tragic past. 

Beyond the courtroom, Nick Yarris is renowned as an author, delving into various genres and sharing his experiences as a professional speaker.

Family Ties

Nick Yarris's personal life intertwines with his professional pursuits. He is married to Laura Ann Yarris (Thompson), and although details about his parents and siblings remain undisclosed, the connection with his wife stands as a testament to the support that has anchored him through thick and thin.

The Net Worth of a Survivor

As of 2023, Nick Yarris's net worth has seen substantial growth, ranging between $1 million and $5 million. 

His primary source of income stems from his successful career as an author, showcasing resilience and determination in rebuilding his life after the injustice he endured.

Nick Yarris Beyond the Courtroom

Beyond the Courtroom: Nick Yarris's Literary Contributions

The Fear of 13 and Beyond

In 2015, Nick Yarris became the central figure in the documentary "The Fear of 13," shedding light on his harrowing journey.

This marked the beginning of his literary endeavours, with the release of his autobiography, "Seven Days to Live My Life," in 2008.

Subsequently, he authored works such as "The Kindness Approach" (2017), "My Journey Through Her Eyes" (2017), and "Monsters and Madmen" (2018).

His impactful storytelling continues with an upcoming film, revealed on the True Geordie podcast, serving as a sequel to "The Fear of 13."

A Voice on The Joe Rogan Experience

In 2018, Nick Yarris shared his compelling narrative on The Joe Rogan Experience, captivating audiences with his resilience and the intricacies of his experiences.

Nick Yarris FAQs


Q1: What was Nick Yarris wrongfully accused of in 1981?
A1: In 1981, Nick Yarris was wrongfully accused of the abduction, rape, and murder of a woman named Craig.

Q2: How long did Nick Yarris spend on death row?
A2: Nick Yarris spent a harrowing 22 years on death row before DNA evidence led to his exoneration in 2004.

Q3: What was the settlement amount in Nick Yarris's lawsuit against the Delaware County District Attorney's Office?
A3: In 2008, Nick Yarris reached a settlement of $4 million in his lawsuit against the Delaware County District Attorney's Office for malicious prosecution.

Q4: What is Nick Yarris's estimated net worth in 2023?
A4: As of 2023, Nick Yarris's net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, reflecting his success as an author.

Q5: What is the focus of Nick Yarris's upcoming film mentioned on the True Geordie podcast?
A5: Nick Yarris's upcoming film serves as a sequel to "The Fear of 13" and promises to delve further into the complexities of his life and experiences post-exoneration.

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