Sawyer Hemsley Net Worth: Co-founder of Crumbl Cookies!

Explore the fascinating journey of Sawyer Hemsley, co-founder of Crumbl Cookies, from his early life in Preston, Idaho, to the booming success of his innovative cookie franchise, with a net worth of $25 million.

Sawyer Hemsley Net Worth

A Sweet Beginning in Preston, Idaho

Family and Early Life

Sawyer Hemsley, the co-founder of Crumbl Cookies, was born on November 17, 1991, in Preston, Idaho. 

Raised by a mother with exceptional baking skills, Sawyer Hemsley developed a passion for cookies at an early age, laying the foundation for his future success.

Sawyer Hemsley Personal Life

Beyond the Cookie Dough

Personal Life

Despite his social prominence, Sawyer Hemsley keeps his personal life private. Speculation about his love life exists, with rumours suggesting he might be gay.

However, the co-founder of Crumbl Cookies remains focused on his company's growth, maintaining a level of secrecy around his personal relationships.

Sawyer Hemsley Education Background

The Educational Mixer

Education Background

Sawyer Hemsley's educational journey began in a private elementary school in Preston. Graduating from Preston High School in 2010, he embarked on a church mission to Mexico, gaining valuable work ethics and leadership skills.

Upon returning to the U.S., Hemsley pursued communication studies, with minors in marketing and multimedia development at Utah State University.

Sawyer Hemsley Career

Crafting Success, One Cookie at a Time


In 2017, Sawyer Hemsley, alongside Jason McGowan, founded Crumbl Cookies. Despite initially planning to work at a marketing company in Arizona after college, Sawyer Hemsley redirected his path to focus on his cookie venture.

Serving as the CEO, he and McGowan expanded Crumbl Cookies from a single store in Logan, Utah, to a nationwide chain with over 500 stores.

Sawyer Hemsley Earnings and Net Worth

Dough to Dollars

Earnings and Net Worth

Sawyer Hemsley's net worth now stands at an impressive $25 million, earned through the success of Crumbl Cookies. 

His innovative business strategies and exceptional marketing skills propelled the company to national acclaim.

Today, Sawyer Hemsley is recognized as a leading entrepreneur and co-owner of the fastest-growing cookie franchise in the U.S.

Sawyer Hemsley FAQs


1. Where does Sawyer from Crumbl live?
Sawyer Hemsley resides in Logan, Utah, but his roots trace back to Preston, Idaho, where he originally hails from.

2. Is Crumbl a Mormon company?
Despite Sawyer Hemsley's Utah origins and Mormon affiliation, Crumbl Cookies is not owned by the Mormon Church.

3. Are Crumbl cookies worth it?

If you appreciate the allure of weekly rotating flavours and indulging in soft, gooey cookies, Crumbl Cookies are definitely worth the treat.

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