Coss Marte Net Worth: A Multi-Millionaire Fitness Mogul!

Coss Marte overcame drug addiction and prison to build a multi-million dollar fitness empire. Learn about his inspiring rags-to-riches story.

Coss Marte Net Worth

The Early Hardships That Set Coss Marte's Path

Once a struggling drug dealer serving time in prison, Coss Marte has transformed his life to become a highly successful fitness entrepreneur with a net worth of over $5 million.

His company, CONBODY, runs "prison-style" exercise classes to hundreds of clients each week. Besides being a savvy businessman, Marte is also an author and motivational speaker.

Young Coss Resorts to Desperate Measures

Born in New York City, Coss Marte came from humble beginnings. His father, Licelott C. Marte de Barrios, worked as a lawyer, politician, accountant and diplomat. But the family still struggled to make ends meet.

Facing poverty at a young age, Coss Marte turned to dealing drugs on the streets. It was illegal, dangerous work, but he saw no other choice.

Eventually his criminal activities caught up with him. At just 19 years old, Coss Marte was arrested and handed a 7-year prison sentence.

Prison Time Sparks a Health Revolution

Prison life was bleak and lonely. Over time, Coss Marte gained a substantial amount of weight from lack of exercise opportunities. At one point, doctors suggested he take up fitness training.

Coss Marte started experimenting with makeshift workout routines in his jail cell, often running in place for hours. He also adopted a very strict low-carb diet to shed excess pounds.

Bit by bit, Coss Marte transformed both his body and mindset. He found confidence, discipline and hope through self-improvement.

Turning Coss Marte's Life Around After Prison

Turning His Life Around After Prison

After serving 10 grueling years, Coss Marte was released from jail as a changed man. He was determined to put his criminal past behind him for good.

Inspired by his experiences getting fit in prison, Coss Marte launched a personal fitness business called CONBODY. He trains clients with intense, no-frills "prison-style" workouts.

Within just 3 years, CONBODY expanded to offer nearly 30 classes per week to over 400 clients. Coss Marte also hired 2 additional trainers to meet demand.

Besides running his company, Coss Marte speaks publicly about his redemptive journey and hosts "Prison Bootcamp Experience" sessions. He also co-authored the book Prisoner to Prophet: The Story of Coss Marte.

Find Success Through Second Chances

Now approaching 40 years old, Coss Marte has built a wonderful life and family for himself against all odds. He found love after prison and married Roxie Velas. Together they are raising an infant son.

While Coss Marte's net worth is estimated at over $5 million today, money does not drive him. 

Instead he finds purpose in helping others work toward self-improvement by facing challenges head-on, just as he once did.

Coss Marte's incredible rags-to-riches tale demonstrates that no matter how far someone falls, they can turn their lives around if given the chance.

Coss Marte


What crimes was Coss Marte convicted for?
Coss Marte was convicted on drug dealing charges at age 19. He was originally sentenced to 7 years in prison, later extended to 10 years.

How did Coss Marte get in shape?
In prison, Coss Marte started creating intense home workout plans for himself in his small jail cell. He ran in place for hours daily and stuck to a very strict low-carb diet until losing significant weight.

What inspired Coss Marte to start his fitness company CONBODY?

Coss Marte was inspired to start fitness brand CONBODY based on his personal experience getting in shape through exercise and diet while serving 10 years in prison.

How much is Coss Marte's net worth today?
After building fitness empire CONBODY, Coss Marte's net worth today is estimated at over $5 million.

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Coss Marte's incredible journey proves that where you start in life does not determine where you end up. 

Though he faced immense adversity and even his own poor choices early on, Coss Marte persevered to create a better path forward.

After hitting rock bottom, Coss Marte found purpose and prosperity through hard work, discipline and helping others.

Now a multi-millionaire entrepreneur with a loving family, he serves as inspiration to all that building a successful life takes dedication but is possible even after mistakes.

Coss Marte's story emphasizes the power of second chances. Rather than give up hope after prison, he optimized time spent incarcerated to improve himself. 

That drive to learn from failures is how Coss Marte was able to rebuild his life into an admirable success.

The key takeaway is that no one should be defined forever by past failures or current circumstances alone. There is always room for growth through self-reflection and better choices moving ahead.

If Coss Marte could transform from desperate drug dealer in prison to fitness mogul and motivational speaker, anyone has the potential for positive change.

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