Beulr Net Worth: Online Meeting Attendance App through AI!

Beulr is a bot meeting attending app founded in 2020 that enables users to attend multiple online meetings by automatically playing a video. 

Read about the founder, Shark Tank appearance, and company updates.

Beulr Net Worth

How Beulr is Revolutionizing Meeting Attendance through AI?

Beulr is a bot meeting attending app that lets users attend multiple online meetings simultaneously without having to be present. 

This AI-powered productivity platform offers an innovative solution to a common problem.

Overview of Beulr

Beulr allows users to easily schedule virtual meetings and have an AI-generated video of themselves play during the meeting duration. The app can record, transcribe, and summarize meetings for later review as well.

The platform aims to solve the challenges of attending overlapping online meetings. It saves users time while ensuring they don't miss important events.

How Beulr Works?

Users sign up for Beulr and connect their meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. They create a video of themselves which will play on loop during meetings.

The app schedules meetings automatically based on the user’s calendar. It can play the video continuously until the meeting ends.

Beulr also records meetings, generates transcripts, and provides summaries for quick catch-ups later. The summaries are searchable as well.

Origins and Founder

Peter Solimine founded Beulr in March 2020 after struggling to wake up for his 8am online classes during the COVID-19 lockdowns. He realized many others likely faced meeting fatigue as well.

Solimine studied computer science and economics at the National University of Singapore. He has interned at companies like Tradeweb, IBM, and Goldman Sachs.

The founder developed Beulr by himself initially. The app now employs 11-50 people, with headquarters in San Francisco.


Funding and Valuation

In August 2021, Beulr raised a $675K seed round from Inspiration Ventures. This valued the company at $750K at the time.

The app charges subscription plans starting at $6.99/month. It is estimated to generate over $1M in lifetime revenue so far.

As of early 2024, Beulr may be valued at approximately $400K based on growth and interest.

Shark Tank Appearance

In November 2021, Peter Solimine pitched Beulr on Shark Tank episode 13x5 seeking $150K for 20% equity. This valued the company at $750K.

At the time, Beulr had 92,000 users and spent only $300 on marketing. It was making $1,000 in monthly recurring revenue through its paid subscription model.

Unfortunately, none of the Sharks invested as they were concerned about potential compliance issues with using AI this way. 

But founder Peter took the feedback positively and continued working on improving his technology.

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Recent Developments

Since his Shark Tank pitch, Solimine has focused on completing his Tulane University computer science degree, following advice from Mark Cuban.

Beulr now gets 150,000 monthly visitors to its website. The app is especially popular in Ecuador and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and other major publications.

As of 2024, Beulr is still operational with Solimine working full-time on improving the technology. The app aims to make meetings more efficient and accessible for today’s remote workforce.


What is Beulr?
Beulr is an AI productivity app that lets users attend multiple virtual meetings simultaneously by playing a prerecorded video of themselves.

Who founded Beulr?

Beulr was founded in 2020 by Peter Solimine, a computer science graduate from Tulane University.

What is Beulr's valuation?
Beulr raised a $675K seed round in 2021 at a $750K valuation. Its estimated current valuation is around $400K as of early 2024.

Did Beulr get a deal on Shark Tank?
No, Beulr did not get a deal on Shark Tank when founder Peter Solimine pitched in 2021. But the company continues to operate and improve its technology.

Is Beulr still in business as of 2024?
Yes, Beulr remains in business as of 2024. Founder Peter Solimine works full-time on the app which has over 150,000 monthly website visitors, especially from Ecuador.


In summary, Beulr is an innovative AI-powered app that enables users to attend multiple virtual meetings by playing a video of themselves.

Founded in 2020 by Peter Solimine, Beulr set out to solve the challenge of meeting fatigue and conflict. The app schedules meetings, records them, and generates transcripts and summaries for catching up later.

Beulr has gained significant traction, with 150,000 monthly website visitors and an estimated $1 million+ in lifetime revenue so far. It raised $675K in a 2021 seed round at a $750K valuation.

Although Beulr didn't receive an investment when pitched on Shark Tank, founder Peter took the valuable feedback and continues working to improve the technology.

As remote work becomes more prevalent, Beulr aims to make meetings more productive through automation.

While initial legal concerns stalled investor interest, Beulr seems to have found legitimate product-market fit already, especially in countries like Ecuador.

If Peter can continue refining his AI responsibly, Beulr has the chance to become a mainstream time-saving solution for an increasingly online-first workforce.

Its development and adoption merits close attention as virtual meetings play an ever-greater role in our lives.

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